What is the Clube PHDA (ADHD Club)?

The ADHD Club is a social entrepreneurship initiative sponsored by the CUF network, aiming to promote the healthy development and successful integration of children diagnosed with ADHD, in the different environments that are part of their lives: family, school and society.

The Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) affects approximately 5% of schoolchildren, imposing several challenges to themselves and their parents, other relatives, teachers and professionals.

Our main mission is to provide information which is scientifically credible, as well as useful resources and training opportunities in this field for the different stakeholders.

The content of this website has been created by the following members of the team:

- Dr. Rita Antunes, BSc, Psychologist

- Dr. Carmen Rosa, BSc, Psychologist

- Dr. Sandra Afonso, MD, Developmental Pediatrician

- Dr. Filipe Glória Silva, MD, PhD, Developmental Pediatrician

- Professor Dr. Ana Serrão Neto, MD, PhD, Pediatrician


This site is written in Portuguese.